Pocket wifi for rent long-term when traveling abroad. The way many businesses choose to let their staff travel abroad.

Pocket wifi for rent long-term, the optimal choice of the business. Only one device is connected ready. Employees can travel on business in 136 countries.

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Pocket wifi for Rent long-term will be active, do not need to go to Samurai company to pre-book the device every time employees go abroad.

Long-term wifi rental:

For Japanese wifi, Vietnam Wifi, the Samurai has a preferential rate when renting more than 1 month.

For international Wifi to 136 countries. Pocket wifi for rent depending on the number of guests using. At the end of the month, Samurai will send a detailed list, for customers to compare and make payment to Samurai.

Thuê wifi dài hạn

Wifi samurai

Domestic Wifi:

Wifi Vietnam: High speed capacity 2GB / Day.

Wifi Japan: Unlimited high speed capacity.

International Wifi uses 136 countries:

Buyers are entitled to keep and use the device when traveling to 136 countries, WITHOUT prior notice to Samurai.

  • Equipment price: 4,290,000 VND
  • Initial roaming fee: 700,000 VND
  • Service maintenance fee of 100,000 VND / month.
  • Monthly usage fee.
  • Information about the device:

305ZT device:

Specialized equipment line for Vietnamese wifi or Japanese Wifi.

Connect up to 14 devices at a time.

Battery use 5-6h continuously.

Use local sim.

Giới thiệu dịch vụ Samurai

Giới thiệu dịch vụ Samurai

G2 device:

Specialized line for international wifi to 136 countries.

  • Network: The device will automatically connect to the strongest connection in the host country.
  • Battery: 14 hours continuous use (6000mAh).
  • Only 1 device covered 136 countries worldwide.
  • Device does NOT use sim, connects by Cloud wifi technology.
  • Connect up to 5 devices at the same time.
  • Equipment size: 113x60x20mm.
  • Weight: 220g
wifi rental

wifi rental

Device manual:

You only need to boot the device, wait about 30 seconds. Then connect to the device as with regular wifi networks. (Wifi name and login password are displayed on the device screen).

Or see the instructions for renting a foreign wifi of Samurai by clicking on: Renting a long-term wifi

So you can use wifi to go abroad normally!


In the process of using pocket wifi for rent  abroad, if there is any problem immediately contact our customer service for support. Phone number: 0909297398 (Zalo, Line, Viber …).

You can scan the QR code Zalo Samurai:

Mã QR zalo Samurai wifi

Mã QR zalo Samurai wifi

All information service needs, please contact:

Pocket wifi for rent Samurai

Hotline: 0909297398

Mail: contact@samuraiwifi.vn

Address: 12 Mac Dinh Chi, P. Da Kao, District 1, HCM


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